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Nassau, New York




Let's cross that bridge when we come to it. The high salary disposed him to accept the position. I am not sure. You're a doctor, right? We were just about to vote. Letters were carried by riders on fast horses. I'm not related to him. Why did he have to wait for you for so long? Lenora is irritating because he always has to have the last word in any argument. Floyd and Wayne went for a walk even though it was raining.

Who is Mr. Bush?

You shouldn't speak with your mouth full. There must be a way. More and more people are rushing to make use of the interactive nature of the medium. Kristin walked out of the room. The labor union called a strike.

I can take her to the park. Kelly was very generous. Call me after you get to Mexico. Tanaka twisted his ankle. Seeing as they're poor, they've no choice but to work their hardest. He drank orange juice out of a bottle. The kitchen knife wasn't sharp enough to cut the meat, so I used my pocket knife. Are those my glasses? The book that I bought hasn't been delivered to me yet. Should I be talking to Martha?

We were playing on the beach.

This is the real thing. I set some goals for myself. There are many sects in Hinduism. Everything seems to go right with him. They handled it well. It's absurd never to admit your mistakes. Do as you please. It's up to you. It's in the air that they may get married.

Do you think something will happen? Your parents loved you very much. I'm not one of them. No one was able to help Caroline. I wanted to help you, I really did, but then I thought I'd rather take care of my own life. They rushed the woman to the hospital after she ate a lightbulb. Herbert enjoyed talking with Spock.

Waiting for Kate, I saw Bob and Tracey. They buried him in his grave. I'll explain it to him. How long will the repairs take? He works hard so that he can study abroad. I want to be ready as soon as I can be. Amedeo Jackson is the richest man in Boston. A white cloud is floating in the blue sky. I want a status report. You're wrong about that.

His shoes are often untied.

You raised me, didn't you?

If he had stayed at home that day, he would not have met with disaster. I even wrote a letter to them. Remember, respect is everything. He took this photo. Please come to class having reviewed the materials beforehand. I am only too glad to hear that all of them are safe and sound in the rescue boat. I have a comment. Do you want to know the truth?

It's still functioning. We still have to turn the hay and chop wood. They built their empire in Peru about five hundred years ago. You're not the only one that was hurt. I almost cried. Why aren't you interested? My parents worry about my health.

Mac said he had a good weekend. Love is the miracle of civilization. Don't talk about work, we're on vacation. I'm fed up with him! I'm confused now. Would you mind telling me one thing? We cannot praise him highly enough for this. We had to wait for him for ten minutes.

I can't get them on the phone. If you're withholding information, there could be severe consequences. I wish I could travel around the world. He seemed to like that. See "/docs" for the full documentation for this API.

Mercury is very close to the Sun and has no substantial atmosphere. Dick is trying hard to give up smoking. The party was boring, so I decided to leave. I was unable to stand any longer. Donna is with his son. Joachim has been a teacher for thirty years.

She passed one test, but failed the other. I can't believe everything that just happened. I'd like your opinion. I have lived here for thirty years. Stanislaw always wears a blue shirt. These articles cannot be exchanged.

The WHO has a plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. It includes raising taxes on alcohol, reducing the number of places to buy alcohol and raising the drinking age. Officials say other measures include effective drunk driving laws and banning some alcohol advertising. Where did you put the keys? I'd like a seat over a wing. You're the worst thing that ever happened to Price. Walt is not looking happy. This is the same necklace that I lost yesterday. They had a choice.

"I've been busy." "Busy doing what?" This is a new idea. A teacher is sitting among the pupils. Can we just drop this? Don't you care what happens? Carolyn headed toward the door.

What Shari thinks doesn't matter now.